BlogPR18 Skiploader and Hookloader anniversaries to celebrate in 2023

PR18 Skiploader and Hookloader anniversaries to celebrate in 2023

PR18 Skiploader and Hookloader anniversaries to celebrate in 2023

At Boughton Engineering, we believe that celebrating important milestones in our company is a great way to show you, our loyal customers, how our company has progressed and what has allowed this to happen. Well, we have not one, but two important anniversaries to celebrate in 2023…

10 years since the launch of the PR18 Skiploader and over 50 years since of the Hookloader!

If you don’t know much about this equipment or just want to learn a little more, keep reading, we’ll tell you everything you need to know. 

We’ll start with the PR18 Skiploader that was introduced in 2013. If you’re wondering what PR stands for, this means power reach.

It was designed with help from our key customers who were really key to our Skiploader taking a large market share.

The PR18 has over a decade proven its reliability, durability and met the satisfaction of many customers all over the UK and Ireland who have ordered a Boughton and reordered

Over half a century ago, Boughton Engineering launched the Hookloader, a popular and widely used product in many environments from waste, paper, wood, metal, construction and may other applications. Hookloaders are used with demountable containers to make transporting materials easier and more efficient and have been a part of Boughton since the early 1970s,

The Boughton Hookloader supplied on 26- or 32-ton chassis has remained mostly unchanged giving consistent performance and reliability that’s unchallenged by any of our competitors

Here are some of the key types of Hookloaders within our fleet over the last 50 years:

  • 1970s Leyland Octopus
  • 1980s Foden Haul master
  • 1990s Renault Maxter

We hope that this blog has helped you gain more knowledge on our equipment, keep an eye out for our next anniversary!

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