Ancillary Equipment & General Engineering

Oldbury UK supplies a wide range of ancillary equipment and general engineering capability across all the market sectors and industries it serves.  To meet the very specialist requirements of the defence and homeland security sector, this capability also includes equipment for extreme temperature, climate and environmental conditions, ballistic protection and CBRN operations.

Oldbury’s range of compact, high performance generator sets is available either for self-standing, trailer-mounted applications - or fully integrated as part of much larger land systems.  The company’s heat and solar protection systems are successfully managing extremes in temperature fluctuation, enabling sensitive electronic equipment to operate close to ambient conditions.  Oldbury environmental shelters and enclosures effectively shield the entry and exit areas of containers and operating units from dust ingress and other contamination which could otherwise compromise reliability.

Oldbury has also designed and manufactured a range of high performance filtration systems, both for new equipment and for retrofit to existing in-service units.  The systems achieve high volume airflow whilst efficiently scavenging dust and other particulate matter which could otherwise impact on equipment performance.

Oldbury air conditioning and climate control systems are designed to operate in extreme conditions and are suitable for installation in new shelters and containers, as well as panel or window retrofit within existing units.

Requirements for which Oldbury has provided engineered solutions include:-