Boughton’s now ubiquitous hook loader product remains the UK market’s equipment of choice.  Introduced in 1973, it is still recognised for its simplicity of design and operation, rugged strength, durability, reliability, ease of maintenance and longevity.

The highly acclaimed Kwikcova auto-sheeting system, an original patented innovation pioneered by Boughton and designed to be integrated with the Boughton hook loader, is still regarded as the industry best practice solution.  Its in/out sheeting arm arrangement facilitates easy loading and sheeting, whilst remaining within maximum width in transit.

Configurations available for three axle operation at 26,000kg GVW or four axle operation at 32,000 GVW.

Matched Boughton design tri-axle close coupled trailer options available for operation up to 44,000kg GTW.

Key Hook Loader features include:

  • Heavy duty deep section main frame for optimum strength and rigidity
  • Simple, straightforward and logical hydraulic system
  • In-cab mounted, electric/pneumatic over hydraulic control box
  • Secure, robust, low maintenance body mounting points
  • Models to suit CHEM standard ‘B’ Spec or Universal ‘C’ Spec, for applications including modified cable or Dinasaur containers
  • Three point, container locking system comprising rear ‘Combilock’ (clamp and lock) container locking and rear facing secondary container locks
  • High strength steel lifting hook, with the option of an auto hook safety pin (fitted as standard on ‘C’ Spec)
  • Rear roller or axle stabiliser jack options
  • Heavy duty rear light guards
  • Fully interlocked for optimum safety
  • Wide range of options including towing hitch, onboard weighing, camera and safety systems

Key Kwikcova features include:

  • Choice of configurations to suit bin applications
  • Telescopic arms and telescopic mast ensure that sheet is laid, not dragged over the load, prolonging the operational life of the sheet
  • Loaded container can be fully sheeted within one minute
  • Easy to use elasticated side restraint system ensures a safe and secure load
  • Boughton patented side arm operation ensures compliance with UK C&U maximum vehicle width regulations
  • Side arm technology permits safe and efficient handling of containers with side body bulge