Specialist & Bespoke Trailers

Oldbury UK has a proven track record for the design, manufacture and supply of a wide range of specialist, bespoke and purpose-built trailers to meet the requirements of all the market sectors and industries it serves. 

Examples of these special requirements for which Oldbury has provided engineered solutions include:-

  • Single, Tandem & Tri-axle Articulated Trailers
  • Single, Tandem & Tri-axle Drawbar Trailers
  • Sliding Bed Trailers
  • Twin & Tri-axle Ackerman Steer Trailers
  • Heavy-Duty Ackerman Steer Engine Transporters
  • Bespoke Step-frame Trailers
  • Heavy-Duty Special Purpose Trailers
  • Aero-engine Transporters
  • Mobile Aero-Engine Test Trailers
  • Mobile Aero-Engine Servicing Trailers
  • Aircraft Servicing Trailers
  • Turntable Runway Logistics Trailers
  • Shallow Loading Forklift Trailers
  • Roadside Traffic Information Trailers