History & Profile

Boughton have been involved in engineering since 1897 . Early ventures were connected with agricultural equipment/implements, contracting, forestry and transport.

Design and manufacturing expertise grew from this initial experience, which led to an early concentration on function and durability — still the guiding principle in Boughton product design and development.

Over the decades, Boughton have been responsible for many initiatives and innovations in agricultural, forestry, military, waste management and related equipment engineering.

As an illustration, the growth in environmental awareness has brought with it the need to deal safely and effectively with the ever increasing quantities of waste produced by industry. In this area, Boughton Engineering offers a comprehensive range of products.

Waste disposal problems are, of course, not new. At the beginning of the last century, use of the horse for town and city transport posed obvious problems.

The photograph shows the Boughton- operated solution at work circa 1905. Today's hook loading systems offer greater flexibility and are much less labour-intensive. Boughton have always represented the cutting edge of waste transportation and collection equipment technology, often leading the field with innovative and original ideas.


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Why Boughton?

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  • Early Years

    In the early days the company focused on agriculture, forestry and transport, and then moved onto all wheel drive conversions on commercial chassis for the military during World War 2.

  • 1950's

    With the growth of the waste handling market the company produced its first skip loader.

  • 1960's

    The boom in oil production created a new market for the company, producing specialist pipe laying equipment for this expanding industry sector. The Container Handling Equipment Manufacturers Association (CHEM) was formed to establish a set of Industry standards. Boughton are a founding member.

  • 1970's

    New opportunities gave rise to the development of specialist chassis for the aviation fire fighting industry with Boughton designing and building the first ever centre steer, rear engined chassis for airport fire fighting. The first Boughton hookloader was introduced, along with wet waste tankers , fuel oil tankers and dry waste ejection trailers.

  • 1980's

    Developments in the Military sectors saw the introduction of specialist trailers. The tandem close coupled trailer was introduced.

  • 1990's

    The introduction of the Kwikcova automatic sheeting system for hookloader applications.

  • 2000's

    The company relocated its headquarters from the original Amersham based premises to a brand new purpose built factory located just off the A38 north of Birmingham at Barton-under-Needwood.

    The introduction of the Tri Axle close coupled trailer with the further option of its own Kwikcova.

    The Kwikcova sheeting system was further enhanced with the introduction of the CMd version.

    The company refocussed on waste handling equipment, providing the solution from collection to recycling and on to landfill. Military logistics equipment and Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicles complete the portfolio.

  • 2010 - Skan Group Holdings acquires Reynolds Boughton

    TThe assets and businesses of both Reynolds Boughton Limited and Reynolds Boughton (Devon) Limited - previously collectively known as the Boughton Group - and which were in administration since April 1st 2011, were acquired as going concerns by Skan Group Holdings Limited on May 1st 2011. The single entity is known as Boughton Engineering Limited.

    The company relocated it's HQ and assembly operations to Wolverhampton in October 2011

    The Company relocated it's fabrication facility from Winkleigh to a modern purpose built unit in Bideford, North Devon, during April 2013.

    The launch of the all new Boughton "Power-Reach" skiploader range, incorporating the revolutionary and fully integral "Intacova" took place at the RWM exhibition held at the NEC exhibition centre on 10th September 2013.

    Boughton Engineering trades directly with the end user and or the vehicle distributors. The Company's industry experienced Sales Team work closely with the engineering design department to meet customer requirements, while enhancing the company's industry reputation for quality and reliability. Irrespective of where in the United Kingdom our equipment is operated, after sales support is local.

    This basic philosophy has driven Boughton Engineering to an enviable status with a high level of expertise in many engineering fields. The quality engineered product ranges meet, and often exceed, recognised standards.

    Although specifications are continually upgraded, the Boughton principals remain unaltered. This combination will ensure the company's continued development and success moving forward.